Going on right now
  • As of 5/2/20 - Region 87 has Officially cancelled the SPRING 2020 soccer program.  All Spring 2020 Families have been sent an email regarding instructions on the Refund Process.  PLEASE Review the email for guidance.
  • REGION 87 has a new RC Elect!  Jan Van Leeuwen has accepted the role and the Board cannot be more excited to have him take the lead of our Region.  He is our current treasurer.  Congratulations Jan!
  • FALL 2020 Registration has been temporarily halted  - and we will be moving to the NO PAY 'try-out' program for Fall Registrations at this time.  This way, we can get your information for Fall, get you in the queue  with a timing stamp (in case we have more players than coaches) and then only request the funds once we are assured that we will be able to play a FALL 2020 program.
Coming Up:
  • As of 4/18 - Due to the current challenges the Swallows Classic Board has determined that we will have to cancel the San Jaun Capistrano Swallows Classic for 2020 - we are very sad to report this news but believe it is the right call considering all that is happening in our community these days.
  • FALL 2020 Registration - Look for an email by May 10th on next steps.


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Saturday, September 7, 2019

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