Field Management



Each Saturday, the Home Team is responsible for preparing the pitch before the start of the match.


This includes the following effort:


  1. Repainting the lines with white paint at Sportspark and at Cooks 

  2. Collecting the corner flags from the shed and placing them on the corners of the pitch

  3. Installing the 'BOWNET' goals on 8U fields - and making sure that they are taken down at the end of the day

  4. Inspecting the goals to make sure the nets are workable and there are no ball sized holes'

  5. Confirming that the goals are weighted properly...  so that they can't tip over

  6. Verifying that the goals are equally spaced on the centerline of the goal between the touch lines

  7. Patrolling the field for issues and potential risks for the kids. (including the favorite gifts from the dogs that frequent the parks)


Bownet Goal Setup

Bownet Goal Takedown