Goal Inspection



Inspect and ensure the following:


  • There are no open hooks used to attach nets.

  • There are no rusted or weak places in the post. 

  • There are no jagged, sharp points or edges.


For posts in the ground:


  • Posts are not weakened at the ground or just below ground level.

  • Posts cannot be moved by pressing against the posts and shaking them. 

  • Posts appear to be vertical and are not leaning.


For posts not in the ground:


  • The goal is built so that it does not tip easily when weight is applied to the top or horizontal bar.

  • The goal is built such that it does not tip or topple easily when the rear supporting part to the goal is raised.

  • Stake any goal that will tip or topple easily if not staked. Please remember that a goal which requires staking to be stable is easily unstaked. Any such goal should be dismantled and removed when not in use.

  • Use Sand Bags to weight down the back of the goal.


Connections or intersections of pipe – Inspect and ensure the following:


  • Each connection is not deteriorated or weakened by rust or fatigue.

  • Each connection will properly support the weight of the members it supports.

  • Supporting Braces – Inspect and ensure the following:

  • There are no rusted or weak places.

  • There are no jagged or sharp points or edges.

  • Supporting braces are not rusted or weakened at the ground or just below ground level.

For any goal found to be a problem, tag or place on it an easily seen warning that it is not to be used. Immediately notify, verbally and in writing, the Regional Commissioner, Jake Jones (or Rick Fleming) so that the problem can be remedied. Re-inspect the goal after the repair has been done to ensure that the repair has properly resolved the problem(s) observed. 


Safety First Please!!!  

Field Coordinators, Referees and Coaches should be the first and last line of defense when dealing with "field" safety. Everyone should be involved in making sure the fields are safe for all AYSO players.  Please make sure everyone involved in practice and game days knows what to look for in order to keep the fields free from safety hazards.