How to Register to Become a Coach

Soccer only really needs three elements...

1) The Players (it isn't any fun if there are no players!)

2) The Referees (because games can't be played without them) AND Most importantly....

3) The Coaches! (because the kids come back because of the great coaching!)

Coaches are essential to the game. They teach the players soccer skills and help develop a healthy, positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Coaching is a rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to build a child's self-esteem, help them learn new skills and just have a lot of fun.


Past experience is not a prerequisite to become a coach , AYSO as an incredible training program where we will teach you based on the age level you are coaching. Unique age-appropriate coach training is one of AYSO's specialties. If you plan to be at your child's soccer practices and games,

you'll also have time to be your child's coach.


Coaching children can be a very rewarding experience.

And coaching your own child's team can be one of the

most memorable and rewarding experiences of all!

Make a difference, become a coach today.

To become a coach, you need to become a registered volunteer in the Blue Sombrero system.  Follow this link to the Volunteer Instruction Page