Playtime Adventure is an activity program for children who are 3 years old that will help improve their physical motor-skills, providing a foundation for an active lifestyle and preparing them to participate in sports programs, particularly soccer!


REGISTRATION for March 21st to May 17th Program NOW OPEN:  SIGN UP HERE!

Playtime Adventure

Created by experts in child development, in partnership with UK International Soccer, Playtime Adventure combines physical learning with fun and imagination. Each one hour class is a full adventure. To complete the adventure the child utilizes and develops specific motor skills. At the end of each class, once the child has found the lost soccer treasure, the child will receive a Soccer Treasure sticker that can be placed in the “Gold Space” on the corresponding page of the storybook.


This fully illustrated storybook will include the adventures and motor skills guides so the adventures and skill development can therefore be replicated at home. The sequence of class and home participation continues until, skill by skill, all treasure is collected. And so, by the end of the Playtime Adventure program, the coloring of the Soccer Player is complete!


REGISTRATION for the March 21st to May 17th Program NOW OPEN:  SIGN UP HERE!