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Region 87 - FALL 2016 Registration is OPEN!


Hi all,

The Fall 2016 Region 87 Registration for Soccer is now open.

This year there will be some changes to how the Registration is completed.

We are going back to a 'modified' Walk-In Registration for the Fall 2016 Season as there have been some new requirements that we have to put in place.

This means that every child will have to pre-register at www.eayso.org and will have to bring in their paperwork for wet signatures. Payment can be completed online but no player will be registered until we have the wet signatures and a completed concussion form. (Walk in Registration location will be at the San Juan Community Center - near Sportspark - see Registration page on the website for more info)

Additionally, for everyone who comes in, we will be giving them their player's Tee-Shirt as well as a nifty new and shiny bumper sticker to put on their car window.

One other item... We will be doing a 'Fast Track' walk-in for those who are signed up and active as Volunteers. This Fast Track Registration process will cover:

  • All Fall 2016 Coaches,

  • Active Referees (those who have done 5 games in the last year)

  • All Region 87 Board Members

It is our goal that every family be run through the Fast Track program - but that cannot be done until every family signs up to support the program.

A reminder... in our Area we have over 10,000 kids playing soccer each Fall and every person you see out coaching, refereeing, preparing the fields, sending out the emails, etc... are all 100% volunteers. Please take a look at some of the needs we have HERE

We all do it because we love the kids and we honestly need the help.

For Added Information on registration: Please go to our Registration Page

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