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REGION 87 PICTURE DAY! October 8th

Good evening all...

What: Region 87 Picture Day

When: This Saturday -

Where: The Baseball Field at San Juan Sportspark, The House of Portraits will be taking our Team and Individual Photos for all Players and Teams.

This is one of the included benefits in your fees. All players will receive a package from the region. If this is the only package parents would like, all they must do is fill out their information, no need to check anything off.

The following package is provided from the region:

1-8x10 Memory Mate

2-3x5 Individual Photos

8-Mini Wallets

1-3” Button

In addition, they have lots of other cool stuff that you can put your player's smiling mug on... hey, they even have mugs too! - so don't be shy about looking at the other opportunities. SEE THE ITEMS HERE!

Each team has a time for their photos and you are asked to arrive 20 minutes early so that you can make sure that your forms are completed properly. One thing, the forms all have a unique code on them, so we cannot sent out PDFs for you to copy.

We will attempt to send forms out to the coaches that you can complete at home, they will have forms there, and/or there is a link to complete your form on-line. (see below)



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