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Region 87 Summer Camp with Landon Donovan as a special guest

I am very excited to announce that AYSO Region 87 has partnered with 1v1 Sports Consulting to bring a very special week long camp to our Region this summer. The Camp will be held from August 7th to August 11th at Sportspark.

As a part of this camp, we have been blessed with an opportunity to have a very special guest coach for the Wednesday session (both AM and PM).

Landon Donovan - He has graciously offered to spend the entire day in our Region working with the kids in the camp. He will be doing a one day appearance on August 9th for us.

This camp is being run by 1v1 and will be a full physical and mental skills training camp for all youth. 1v1 is a local company that is run by Carrie Taylor (who is the Girls HS Soccer Coach at Dana Hills here in CUSD).

Additionally, we have secured 25 morning and 25 afternoon slots reserved specifically for Region 87 players AND we have negotiated a significant discount to the published camp rate for Region 87 Fall payers. (6/15 Update: We are now past the guaranteed reservation and discount time)

Are you in?

Please send me an email ASAP at rc@ayso87.org as we will not be able to hold these positions for long as we want to open up this opportunity to the general community.

To sign up directly to the camp, just click on the graphic OR click here.

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