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The Build Out Line? What is that???

This year there is a fundamental change coming in our 6U through 12U programs. There is a concept called the 'Player Development Initiatives' which alter the way the game is played. These impacts specifically are focused on a few specific goals:

1. Players getting more touches on the ball

2. Players not using their heads and protecting against concussions

3. Players 'building up' skills and more advanced play vs. just sending the ball away.

There are a number of ways that these initiatives are being introduced and one of the most significant is called the 'Build Out Line'.

Instead of writing 4,000 words to explain it, we've chosen to bring you this video to teach everyone about how it is created, how it is used, what it impacts, and how we are going to manage it.

The Build Out Line (BOL) is only for our 8U and 10U programs here in Region 87 and since we do not have Offside in our 8U program, the Offside portion of the presentation will not apply tp that Division.

All Coaches and Referees have had this information presented to them and there are a number of other areas such as - No heading, No Punting, No Drop Kicks etc... that will also be impacting play. *More on those later.

Enjoy this new change... many clubs and other organizations have already introduced this into their program and it seems to be working well.

See you on the pitch!

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