• Greg Powers - Region 87 Regional Commissioner

Spring 2018 Soccer Select Program - Region 87

Hi all!

Region 87 will be running a full Spring program for Spring 2018. This program is considered a 'secondary' program and is intended for our Fall players to have a continued play program as well as encourage and create new opportunities for some kids to be introduced to Region 87 and AYSO Soccer.

We do not do a 'draft' in the spring, as it is up to each coach to select their players from the existing ranks of Region 87 players and then supplement them as needed (or desired).

For Region 87 families who provide certified volunteers for the Fall season (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Active Referees (5 or more games in Fall), Board Members, etc...) there is an 'INTEREST' list that you will need to register your player on to ensure that your player gets preference over other players in the Region.

This list protects the spirit of the program and protects and respect those that work so hard to put on our incredible program each Fall - as long as you sign up on it BY January 15th! - for more info on this process please go to this LINK

We had approximately 500 kids play last Spring and we expect similar numbers this spring and one big risk is that we won't have the coaches needed to be able to cover the quantity of players and to support the new PDI's of smaller teams.

Can I encourage you to sign up to coach or assistant coach? You will love it, we will train you, we will mentor you, and we will help you thrive. I can't think of a better way to impact some kids in a super positive way... and you can be a key part of their future.

Spring will play from March 10th to the Area Tournament on May 12/13.

Please sign your player up today!



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