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Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano - AYSO Soccer Registration Early Bird is OPEN!

Good Morning all,

AYSO REGION 87 Presents our FIRST (and most important) Walk-In Registration Date...

APRIL 28, 2018

Marco Forster Middle School

9 AM to 1 PM

ALL players will have to come through the registration due to the State of California's laws regarding Concussion Awareness and legal 'wet' signatures.

Here are the key points:

  1. We will need all players registered on the AYSO87 Blue Sombrero website prior to coming in (and paying online is the best option for all). REGION 87 Blue Sombrero Registration Site

  2. We will have a few computers as needed, but access will be limited so do it at home if you can.

  3. If you cannot pay online - we will accept cash and checks at the event but you will still need to have your registration complete online (other than payment) prior to coming in.

  4. Your board will work to get you out of the registration as quickly as possible.

  5. Please be thinking about how you can support the region as everyone you see working is a volunteer.

This year, with the new Player Development Initiatives (PDIs), our field sizes are shrinking, our team sizes are shrinking, and our coach needs are growing... please help?

Finally... this Walk-In Event ends our Early Bird pricing and as of the 29th of April, all costs for soccer rise $30 to $157.50 per player.

Please make it!


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