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Are you a 'Cheeseburger'? or...

What does this mean? Well, it means that there is a guy out there who is putting videos up on his Facebook page (here is an interview of him) of ugly parents at sporting events chewing on referees and this guy calls those parents... "Cheeseburgers" instead of all the other things you might think to call them.

I'd love to repost most the videos but I can't post 98.37% of the videos because the language is so bad - and often it is focused on youth referees.

This guy in the video below is a 'Cheeseburger'...

Every year we put out a ZERO TOLERANCE LETTER. This letter discusses the expected behavior and protocol for sideline behavior.

Every parent who went through the walk-in registration process signed that you received this letter. Every family in AYSO Region 87 will be getting an email copy of this letter.

Every week during the fall season, at the Area level, we have to hold disciplinary hearings - why? for boorish Cheeseburgers...

Please be wise...

  • Cheer on the players: Celebrate their great shots, great misses, and great efforts.

  • Trust that the referees are doing their level best to deliver a quality game FOR YOUR CHILDREN, Their job is not YOU - and you should never hit their radar.

  • Expect that if you can't rise to the occasion, we will:

  • ask you to leave the game,

  • then you will have to meet with us separately before you can be on the sidelines again, and then,

  • Finally, we will encourage you to put on a uniform and you can then let your FIFA Law knowledge on 'hand balls' (which is not what it is called), 'offsides' (which is not what it is called), and '50/50 balls' (which doesn't exist), be on full display along with all your other foul recognition abilities to show their full glory for all the rest of the world to see.

  • Remember - YOUTH REFEREES get 100% protection - no warnings need be given to send you off if you harass a youth referee- SERIOUS ISSUES FOR US.

Wouldn't it just be better to smile, enjoy your player's joy at playing a great game with good friends, thank the referees and your coach for investing in your children, and go get a Slurpee after the game?

Thing about it.... PLEASE Don't be a Cheeseburger in Region 87.

As always - if you have any issues or questions, you can call or text Greg Powers at 949-573-2195 or send him an email at rc@ayso87.org.

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