• Greg Powers - Region 87 Regional Commissioner

Region 87 - Call for Nominations for Regional Commissioner

Good Morning All, Nominations are now open for the Region 87 Regional Commissioner Position. Greg Powers - our current Regional Commissioner's term expires on March 30. 2021 but he has to step down due to some health issues that require him to adjust his responsibilities. This change is an opportunity for the Region to gain a new leader who can take the Region to the next level.

This position is open to any member of our AYSO community who believes that they can embody the role and serve AYSO in an Executive Role and can lead our Region. There will be a secret vote by the Regional Board (All members listed on the website as 'Board Members' are eligible to vote - and if a member is fulfilling multiple roles, they only get a single vote per person as long as the are registered as volunteers for MY2019 as of 3/29/20) taken at the April 2020 Board meeting (Tentatively Scheduled for April 20, 2020 at Salt Creek Grill - pending the COVID-19 shutdowns).

Please see the attached document for the job description for more about what the role entails (the role requires an investment of between 600-800 hours per year). If you are interested in running for the RC position, or know someone in Region 87 who you want to nominate for the role please provide the following information to the Chair of the Nominating Committee - Rick Fleming (Info below). Each nominee will have to be approved by the Area Director prior to the election - we as a region 'nominate' the RC to the Area for their acceptance. This role is a 'National Executive' role and has certain financial and management responsibilities to the National Organization.

In order to provide information to the Regional Board and the Area Director regarding candidates for the Region 87 Regional Commissioner, please provide the following information to the Nomination Committee by 11:59 pm (PDT) on Thursday, April 16, 2020. There will be no exceptions.

  • Contact Information. A telephone number (or numbers) and/or e-mail address that can be published for voting members to contact you for more information if they so desire.

  • Bio/Resume. A bio/resume, in bullet point format similar to the bios posted for current NBOD members. Below are some categories and information you may want to consider including: (a) AYSO experience, Executive Member, Commission, Task Force positions; other AYSO Positions you have held at the Region, Area, Section or National level; Certifications in the Management, Coach and Referee disciplines and any Instructor and Instructor trainer certifications; (b) Professional/Work Experience; (c) Personal Information; (d) Any other sports-related or non-profit experience or involvement you may have had in the past (including board, committee or leadership positions held in those organizations); (e) Other accomplishments or awards. The bio/resume may be up to 300 words (not including your name and contact information, but including category headings/subheadings.)

  • Candidate Statement. A candidate statement answering the following questions. (up to 300 words each question)

  • What official roles have you volunteered in AYSO and specifically in Region 87?

  • Why do you want to be the Regional Director?

  • What are the top three challenges facing the Region and what solutions do you recommend?

  • What are your top three goals that you wish to achieve during your term.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Rick Fleming (as the Chair and/or to Greg Powers for information or questions)

Any Regional Board Executive Member (members listed above) who will not be at Regional Board Meeting on April 20th, please contact Rick directly regarding a Proxy ballot and instructions.

Region 87 Nominating Committee

Chair - Rick Fleming

Cell: 949-678-5577

Email: refscheduler@msn.com

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