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Region 87 - Parent Zero Tolerance Policy

Hi all,

A quick reminder that each of you by your registration have accepted our Regional Parental Zero Tolerance Policy.

For those who came to our Walk In Registrations, you signed that you have accepted it and for those who missed the walk-in's you have received it in your email.

Region 87 believes that the relationship between the players, coaches, referees, and spectators requires a certain amount of respect for those who are volunteering their time in support of the program and this policy is the result of some experiences in the past that have required that we provide this info to you in such a format.

We are re-posting the policy here so that if anyone is seeking it, or says that we have not posted it... here it is!

Additionally: Here is the LINK to the Policy

Thanks and as we launch the 2019 Fall Soccer Season - Go baby go!

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