VIP Program (Special Needs Players)

VIP?  What is VIP and what does it mean to Region 87?


The AYSO VIP (Very Important Player) Program was designed to provide a quality soccer experience for kids (ages 6 and up) whose physical/mental challenges prevent them from successfully participating on a “typical” team.


VIP teams may include but are not limited to those who are:


  • Blind or Visually Impaired 

  • Amputees or conditions that impair mobility

  • Mentally or emotionally challenged

  • Autistic ​​

  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Down Syndrome

AYSO recognizes that everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

VIP Objectives:


  • To give ALL players the opportunity to play ball

  • To teach teamwork and fair play

  • To learn the basic skills of the game at the pace of each individual player

  • To encourage maximum participation for each player

  • And, most importantly, to have fun!


Through participation in soccer VIP players experience all of these and more.

Our VIP teams participate in all regional activities such as Picture Day and Friday Night Lights, and we are planning on having our kids participate in two major Tournaments.  The first is in mid-October where there is a Sectional Tournament - that typically plays in San Clemente and then we are working with the Mission Viejo Region to participate in their end of season tournament which hosts about 150 kids from the local area.  After the soccer games, the kids have a barbecue lunch (much of which is donated by local businesses) and all players are presented with a trophy by their coach.


The program runs in parallel with the Fall Play program.

Be a Buddy?

Another very important opportunity offered is mainstream players that participate in the VIP Program as “buddies”.  The lower division VIP players are paired with a mainstream player who can assist and give direction to our players if needed.  This program gives the “buddies” a chance to get to know our players as individuals and friends.  It’s a positive experience for all involved.


We in Region 87 are focused on delivering an exceptional experience to all our players and their families and we hope that if you don’t already have a soccer home for your VIP player, that you will look into having them play in San Juan Capistrano.